Moving Posts to new Forum: Mods and Everyone Else :)

Hi all,\rThe new forums ( ) are almost 100% complete for users to migrate. In a few days, the links on my site will begin to point to the new forums instead of EZboard. My big question is, primarily to the mods and anyone who is interested:\r\r+ How should the cool threads in here be transferred?\r\rSome of the threads here are very long with input from numerous individuals. What would be a feasible way to salvage a few, good threads? Or shall we simply point users to this site (which will become littered with ads by the end of next week) and start afresh on the new forums: [url=“”]\r\rI would really appreciate anyone’s input on this matter.\r\rCheers,\rKirupa

upuaut, since you worked really hard in writing the guidelines for the site, if you want, you can start to copy and place your guidelines on the forums. I’ll make you a moderator immediately (IM me or simply post on the forums) so you can make threads sticky, etc. :slight_smile: \r\rCheers!\rKirupa

Personally I’d just point the users to this site kir. I reckon it will make good sence to start again! I’m sure there is plenty more good posts to come :wink:

yeah lob, you are right. There will be plenty more cool stuff to expect from all of us who post in the new forums hehe :slight_smile:

I’m with the start afresh route. Exporting all the posts here sounds needlessly taxing… these topics will be yesterday’s news soon anyway. A clean start sounds really nice too.

Sounds silly, but I bet I’m not alone in saying “I’ll miss these boards” many interesting topics have been haggled out within these walls. It’s certainly been a pleasure to watch and join in :slight_smile:

What I’d do is check the “best of” part, gather the good stuff and make tutorials out of the posts (at least the ones that’ll remain usefull once MX is widely adopted, like site building considerations, …ehm, that’s all i can think , LOL…) and leave the rest as is.\rBut: what happens to newcomers who stumble in here, post, and never get an answer? Also, as far as i know, this forum is widely showcased in search results on Flash, that’s how many people got here, so what will happen when the search links to this, and it’s just a Ghost Town? (howling wind, swinging doors, tumbleweed, prairie dogs…you get the pic…)? These people might just never realize we’re waiting to welcome them in the new place…?\rProblems…

yeah maybe you should just shut this forum down completely, or make some sort of announcement, or maybe a (uh oh) pop-up telling them that the forum moved its location…

Hey eyezberg,\rYou bring up a very interesting point. I will modify the HTML in the site so that it automatically takes them to the new forums. Nothing a simple re-direct script can’t handle :slight_smile: \r\rCheers!\rKirupa

Ok I’m gonna make use of the randomness while it lasts!\rHas anybody ever heard, “the software slump” by the US band Grandaddy? \rSeriously COOL CD once you’ve heard it a few times! Like alot of cd’s really. \rI suppose you only have to listen to certain ones a few times and then your used to the tunes and you begin humming away and stuff.\rAnyone heard em?

What if I want to look at the threads in the old board? Won’t the redirect script prevent me from doing so? I think a link at the very top indicating that this is an old board and a link to the new board will be sufficient.

brilliant idea Ren! Yeah, I shall do that instead :slight_smile: