Kurta Graphics Tablet?

So i picked up this old (but pretty pro) Kurta XGT 8x6" with a ‘puck’ (Wacom calls them ‘Lens Cursors’). No pen.

I got it working and all, but Windows XP just picks it up as a ‘serial mouse’, therefore it just acts like a mouse. The drivers I have are only for DOS, and I tried getting some off the website, but they’re outdated too. So right now, it only acts like a mouse (ie. dragging, not exact co-ordinates).
Thats one problem…

Secondly, do you think a Wacom pen would work on it? If anyone could tell me for sure, I’d definately go out and get one.

I just dont want this tablet to go to waste, that’s all…
Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile: