La Iglesia Atomica... work in progress!

Can you guys (and gals) tell me what you think of this website so far?

It’s a website for a rock band.
In the splash page click [COLOR=Red]ENTRE[/COLOR] to enter the main page. It’s in spanish, by the way.
The sections that have content are: home (which you can access by clicking the title “[COLOR=Red]La Iglesia Atomica[/COLOR]”, [COLOR=Red]biografia[/COLOR] and [COLOR=Red]galeria[/COLOR].

The URL is:

Thanks! :rambo:

Looks pretty smooth, although I couldn’t stand the navigation being spelt vertically :S I’m also not sure that the lines coming out of the box is a good idea, but thats just my opinion.

It is a nice looking site. I like the splash screen. And yes, definitely change that menu. I don’t know spanish, but I think it would confuse me in English too.

Nice colors! i dont mind the nav so much. The only suggestion I have is to have some transitions when you click from one link to the other. The fade out/in thing is ok, I just feel some quick smooth transitions would be cool!

Nice job, definetly like the color scheme. oh…might want to rethink the font on the nav!

Keep it coming!