Lap top help!

I dont know what the deal is, but its frustrating the crap out of me.
My laptop boots fine and quick not connected to the cable modem. But if I boot while connected, or connect after it boots, it freezes. But freezes weird.

I can still move over the YZdock, and open the start menu, but as soon as I try to open a folder or app, nothing. :frowning: It will sit there for ever if I let it.

So two days ago I reformatted thinking I got a virus or something. Yesterday was fine, booted fine okie dokie. Took my lappy to school today and connected to the wi-fi there. Now I am at home and it’s doing the same thing again. :frowning:

I running a virus scan right now as we speak. But before I reformatted I had run it and it and found nothing.

When I sign on to the wi-fi at school, I have to sign in through a log in page with my school account, could this be messing it up?

I really dont wan to reformat again. I just got all my programs back on and that took forever.
Any ideas out there?

p.s. adaware, hijack this, and spybot found nothing. Still waiting on Nortons scan.