Laptop Security

I’m pretty sure I’ve found the perfect laptop for college, the Lenovo ThinkPad T400s. I was looking at the T400 most of yesterday, and Lenovo just happened to release the new model the same day, and it seems like a pretty solid machine. Here are Engadget’s two posts about interesting posts about it:

[list=1][]Lenovo intros well-connected 0.83-inch thick ThinkPad T400s
]Lenovo ThinkPad T400s hands-on and impressions[/list]

Why do I like it? The thinness, the decent processing power for the size, and decent battery life (I expect a battery to replace the optical drive soon enough, too). I wish it was 13" and preserved the 10 hour battery life of the T400, but I’ll live.

Anyways, so laptops are pretty easy to steal, so I’m looking for general advice on protecting it in college. Obviously I’m overprotective with my stuff anyways (phones, etc.), but I’d like to be extra careful with this purchase.

I’ve found two things that I think are probably worth their cost:

[list=1][]Kensington 64068F MicroSaver Notebook Lock and Security Cable
]CompuTrace LoJack for Laptops[/list]

The former has pretty solid reviews and seems like a good deal. Lenovo wants $40, and that seems completely reasonable.

The other service, I’m not sure about. It’s $120 for four years, which I’m willing to spend if it’s actually a good service. I’m found some positive reviews, but nothing very substantial. Is this the best service available for something like this? Or should I be looking at something different, instead? Remote wipe is only available on the business version, which is somewhat disappointing, but not huge.

Any other advice/opinions?