Latest architecture patterns for large web applications


Are there any good architectural patterns to follow for large react applications? I know we may apply redux to react but what about modular ways of doing architecture. Ways that can seperate business code around business domains perhaps. What are your thoughts?

also, is typescript popular or is es7 with babel the way the community role?

This is a complicated question. First, es7 specifically is very small. It consists of the ** operator and array includes() and that’s it. If you’re just talking about modern JavaScript, I wouldn’t try to attach a version number to it.

Next, while both typescript and babel are popular options, typescript is an option both as a standalone solution and as an integration with babel. So in using babel, you’re not also locked out of typescript. They can work together.

As far as babel goes, its much more flexible than standalone typescript supporting more experimental features as well as plugins that don’t have to be a JavaScript standard proposal at all. You could make your own JavaScript syntax addition and run it through babel as a plugin to make it possible. This makes babel much more flexible in terms of what it can, and does, support.

Typescript (standalone) tends to only official features (stage 4) and stage 3 proposals. So you won’t be getting the latest and greatest out of typescript, but you will be locked into more standardized code, which in the end, is probably a good thing.

I don’t know what kind of numbers are out there as far as who’s using what, but my impression is that standalone typescript has the edge because of its ease of use in setting up and getting things running right out of the box. If you’re interested in type safety, I’d probably go with typescript. If you’re more interested in just writing cutting edge js and making sure it can be compiled down to work in older browsers, you’ll probably want to go with babel.

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Where can I find the trends in the community? What would you use today? Typescript or ES6? We should have a web dev radar in kirupa @kirupa?