Launching personal/portfolio site

Hey, I’ve just gotten my site up and ready for some evaluation from the Kirupians. I know I’ll get some flack from the mac users that use IE 5.2, because the page pretty much looks like crap in it… use Safari, only very minor flaws with it. I designed the page so that I can make DRASTIC style changes like CSS Zen Garden, and the way IE 5.2 handles divs is just disgusting. This page should display correctly in IE latest version, Mozilla & Mozilla FireFox latest version, Opera latest version, and Safari (probably latest version?). Leave any comments you want you here, but feel free to comment on the media & and news posts at the site if you have any comments on them. You can just say hi on the latest news post if you want as well. So just tell me if anything bugs the heck out of you or you think something needs a little work. I realize the link section look is kinda weak right now. <----- that’s where it’s at.

Some have complained about the navigation closing every time the page reloads, I don’t see it as a huge problem since unless you are breezing through the site, going to a section usually implies you want to look around a bit before switching. Lemme know what you think.

Also lemme know how/if it is possible to change your name on the forums, I might want to jump on the bandwagon and change mine, seeing as I’ve taken the identity of Dujodu now :D.

edit: take note of all the KirupaForum plugs :smiley: this place ROCKS.