Layer Label in Flash 5

I am learning Flash 5 and I picked an example tutorial from a page entitled
"Flash Interactive Sound Design Part 1: Interactivesound.fla (page 3). The HTML
file name is createtimeline.htm.
Everything went fine until the tutorial
mentioned creation of a “stop” label in
frame 5 of the “actions” layer. The author showed an image of the result but did not
explain exactly how he created the “stop”
label. I have tried everything that I know how to try but I simply have not been able to create that label.
The url of the web site is It is
sort of embarrasing after a 36 year career
as a computer professional (I retired in 1992) that I finally must admit that I don’t
know everything! I am kidding, of course.
I want to learn this friggin Flash stuff, but some of you young 'uns will have to help me out cause I’m stuck!!!
Thanks a bunch.
Lannie Walker