Layout And Navigation


yall might remember this on from the post titled “Layouts Layouts Layouts”… Well I just made a simple drop navigation menu, have a look at it and tell me what you think.
(navigation only 28kb)

thanx n advance

watermark before u post! :mu:

dont use that butterfly, i dont know if u posted the site using that butterfuly before but i know that it has been used before

it’s nice but I don’t like how when you click another link it doesn’t slide back in, and I think the transitions could be smoother, but nice job

Hey this looks familiar!
I love the colors, and I agree with dave, the butterfly doesn’t fit.

I agree. I’m not getting the fit for the butterfly.

I like the rollovers. Would be nice if they faded back out instead of just jumping back to being blank.

Also think you should animate some more fluidness into the transitions for the menus expanding, and also add in the transitions for the menu closing.

I’m not gonna say anything about the butterfly… you know… like how it doesn’t go there and I’ve seen it b4… cause that’s already been said :wink: (a conspiracy against the butterfly maybe?)

I think Ethan is right on key w/ this one. One thing I think that would be cooler than the word lighting up is the blue part of the button lighting up, on the inside of it not going outside the shape. It sorta reminds me of a cathode, halogen light, or something, and that’s what I was sorta expecting when I moused over. GJ, keep it up.

hey it’s me!!!

thanx for all of the comments, here is why that butterfly is there…
I got it from my site (i never finished by the way), here it is…
I put it there because i want it to link back to my page when clicked

as for the navigation,
I agree with the closing transistions, and fixing the rollovers. The fact of the matter is that there is a rollout state for the buttons and there are closing transistion for the menu… but they simply just don’t work. I can’t get the code right. your more then welcome to try. here is the source.

let me know if anybody has any luck

the idea here wasn’t to finalize the navigation, it was to get the dam thing to work right (LOL). In my openion even though it dosn’t work right, it still looked OK.
I posted it to see if anybody noticed any bugs in the nav.

EX: when you click on “solutions” notice how some of the nav is sticking out of the bottom before the transistion.


I kind of figured that the butterfly was some kind of logo of yours. Though I still think you should take it out completely, maybe if you made it small - I mean really small and with one solid color and place it in a corner of the site.

make your transitions smoother:

good job otherwise.