Layout check

I ahven’t done any content yet, but its the layout I’m planning to use for v4 of my site: [link]

I like the idea of it very much…
Try different methods to make your text more legible.
:thumb: Keep it up!

hmmmmm… when i first loaded the site my firewall prevented me from seeing the pics. lots of red x’s in their place. it worked when i disabled it and refreshed, but i shouldnt have to do that. (its a norton personal firewall so tons of peeps have it).

i dunno why u set it off, mabye it doesnt like gifs. but id look into that…

as for the site itself i like the header, though i dunno about the black space next to it.

the colors get kinda repetitive after a while too.

the site takes up about half my browser window on 1280, maybe align it differently or add something cuz it looks awkward.

the “content” and navigation text is completely illegible.

its alright. i like the theme youve got going

yeah I’ve got norton as well and when I first got my site I couldn’t see any of my images, does anyone know why norton prevents everyone from looking at my images?
Oh and updated link:

I like it some development needed I think but getting there.

I think Norton blocks the images on your site because your using javascript for the rollovers, so if you turn ‘block active x’ or whatever then you should be fine. I might be totally wrong so don’t take my word for it.

maybe…i dont think so. ive had pics, not just gifs, blocked, and they didnt have rollovers. i dunno why, happens a lot.

usually i just disable the stupid thing once i turn my puter on :smirk:

i dont think its the file format that has anything to do with the block, cuz ive had jpegs blocked ocaasionally and ive had plenty of gif’s get through…

i dunno, check the tags maybe… maybe its just one of norton’s quirks. good luck figuring it out

pixel fonts?