Site Check

Hey I aint sure what version of my site this is think its about V5 Imade like 3 in a week and this one was best see what you think its a kinda cleaner site its not finished yet still somebits and bobs to do but anyway


dude what’s up with the rotating head.

what i like to see in a site is a nice smooth loading and loading content.

  1. i think the site would look A LOT better with a different font on the navigation and on the top banner.

  2. also, i can tell where your images for the topbanner and navigation match up…they’re off a little bit.

  3. i think something is off with your little equalizer music player…one bar is just standing there not moving.

  4. i’m not sure if the spinning head really goes with the flow of the site…

this could be a very cool site if you could get some of these things worked out…i can tell you’ve worked really hard on it. good luck :slight_smile:


I don’t see any credit for kirupas tutorials anywhere

sorry, i found it on one…
but still, it seems like you could use a little more

I can’t even get to it. Geocities… bad host… very slow.

well to start at the beginning I was bored so I thought lets whack a rotating head on, Im not sure if the images are not matched properly ill check it out ive done the equaliser now cheers anyway

Line up your nav links. Also, the red txt is huring my eyes…
A little warning: You could get into some serious trouble by letting people download the components from from your site and not giving or the components’ creators any credit… Just a heads up there!!!

hey the components aint nicked from well not all anyway most are submitted by the makers, theve must have just submitted to both of us, the dreamweaver extensions are from macromedia exchange i have to admit and there are a few from flash but most are submitted.

the nav buttons aint lined up coz the font i use has gone i just formatted my pc it will be on soon enough. Im just workin on a site for mate so mine is on the back bench