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Here’s the shell to my second All-Flash site… I’m pretty sure that this is the design that I’m going to be shooting for… and I was wondering if you guys can tell me what you think of it, the News section that you see is just an external swf that I loaded in to see what the transition would look like… so ignore that and the song that plays on the radio when you load it up. Unfortunitly that song’s swf loads its info into the memory in a different way that the newer radio on this site does, so its artist and song info doesn’t get displayed like it is supposed to. Other than that everything else should be good… what do you think of it? I really want this to be good so don’t hold back from butchering it. Here’s the link:

Link to the Site

thanks a lot,

The colors seem to be a little dull=)

Well as for design, I like it since it’s simple and clean, but as for originality, I definitely seen this style before, in fact the transition you’re using is from another site which I can’t recall right now. I’ve seen that same transition on other sites as well. Even the button rollovers have been done before. You said you wanted to make a good site, so far it’s good, but can you make a good site with your own ideas? Now that’s a challange for you. It’s obvious you have the technical skills, you just need to come up with something more original.

Besides the originality issue, the only other problem I see is with the loading text, it’s hard to read. :-\

the “loading data please wait” is really small on my 17" 1024, in fact the e and a on please are just a couple of pixels

nice and clean look, i like it

i agree with electrongeek, i too have seen a transition that was almost exactly the same

I agree with EG.

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