Learning path to follow for Kirupa.com sections as a newbie in Web development

Hello All,
I am new to kirupa.com. I am newbie in Development and trying to learn it using “Tutorials” and “Coding Exercises” available here.
However, I feel little lost, could someone please help me with learning path I should follow.
According to my understanding I think I should follow “Tutorials” in following order(or Learning path):

  1. Web Fundamentals
  2. HTML and CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. Animations
  5. JavaScript Tips
  6. Arrays, Arrays, Arrays
  7. Good UX
  8. Canvas
  9. Data Structures & Algorithms
  10. React for Beginners
  11. Flash and ActionScript

I am not sure if “Coding Exercises” section will be covered while following above path.
Please suggest.
Any help would be beneficial for me as well as other looking and trying to follow kirupa.com in their initial Web development journey.

And Thanks a lot Kirupa Sir, content of this site is really very helpful.
Thanks and regards,
Devanshu Mishra

Hi @dmdev261 - welcome to the forums :grinning:

What technical or web topics are you already familiar with? That may help in suggesting the best place to start from.


Hello @kirupa , I am aware of basics HTML tags and its usage plus basic of CSS like css classes and how to use them in HTML. As of now, I don’t have much understanding on how to correctly use which HTML tags(I think its called semantic HTML) and proper CSS usage or make a proper(good looking and proper usage of HTML and CSS) HTML page.

Thanks for you reply.
Devanshu Mishra

It seems like you have enough knowledge actually! What are you trying to build or get better at?

Based on what you’ve told me, you may benefit the most by learning JavaScript first and then going deeper into any rare HTML or CSS topics that confuse you:

Semantic HTML and the appropriate CSS to use will naturally get better with practice, so I wouldn’t overindex on knowing everything there on day 1 :innocent:

Thanks a lot Kirupa Sir.
Your suggestion seems to be very helpful, will start with JS 101 and keeps on filling gaps with HTML and CSS knowledge whenever required.

“What are you trying to build or get better at?” → I am starting my journey for Web development

Perfect! It is a fun and (sometimes) challenging path, but we are all here to help. Please do ask as you run into any questions or issues, and we will be happy to help :sunglasses: