Legal question:

Ok, so for this website that I am making for my friend, we are taking photos of people skating and eventually going to put them on the site. Is there anything that we should be doing, like having them sign a waiver or something like that? because I don’t want the kids that pics are up there trying to sue later one when my friends company grows a little…I’m just trying to cover all my bases…

I doubt they’ll sue you, but you should get waivers. Because they COULD.

Yep that’s right. If the company really takes of you could have any tom, dick, or harry knocking at your door.\rBetter to be safe than sorry :wink:

Basically, if you’re NOT selling anything, there really isn’t a need for a waiver (unless it is something that is slander or illeged).\r\rBut if it’s for a site that is selling, especially if it would be for example: the photo with them in it or the clothes or skateboards/skateboard parts (as in modeling), then it’s probably a good idea.\r\rKeep in mind that photographer may also have rights to the image (unless royalty free which is completely different).\r\r\rt2d

well we eventually will be selling skateboards and clothing thru the website (maybe) but their pictures won’t be on anything but the image section of the website. they will not be distributed…what would a waiver like that say?

All you have to do is have them sign a paper that says:\r\r"I, ___________, give Requiem full permission to use my picture on their website."

Jubba-\r Silly Q! This is a nation of lawsuiters, for the lawsuits, and by the lawsuited.\rLaw is what makes the dollar go round-CYA friend! CYA! And make sure the kids you have pictures of are well dressed and not in anything, say, skimpy; know what I mean?\r\r Most will be honored you have their pics on a website, even if they never see it. \r\rJust make sure they are fully dressed ‘kids’ over 18-Or get their parents permission and make them sign off on each photo–\r\rpj\r:p