Leopard <= Vista

<justified rant>

I enjoyed the Apple commercials up until the point of actually using Leopard. The commercials talk about people downgrading from Vista to XP and how hard it is to install…total BS Apple. You guys are worse than Microsoft. I hope your keyboard bug goes public so that everyone sees how you shipped an operating system that had a flaw so bad that it is vertually unusable on some machines. “Well, you have to expect this to happen on a few computers. There are bound to be conflicting software, drivers, etc.” Again, BS, I bought a laptop for my wife 3 weeks ago. It had the error straight off the assembly line.

</justified rant>

In case you haven’t heard what’s going on, there is a bug in leopard where the keyboard locks up periodically. The lockup lasts anywhere from 1-5 minutes. I have had it occur as frequently as once every 20 minutes.