Let's do something fun - brainstorming

Let’s do something fun. Something to get our creative juices flowing. Kirupa Racquet Club never really panned out. Maybe there’s something a little more accessible we can do. Maybe codepen tennis or something? What do you think?

If I knew what that was I’d be all over it, possibly.

You’re in? Great! Soo… something we can do on phones, right? :wink:

I said probably, and only if I knew what it was! Also, I have a computer

Stop breaking promises. Now figure out what we’re doing. kthxbye.

Let’s fire up the old word association game!

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I liked the thread where @tbo and I photoshopped increasingly zoomed-in photos of our supposed boats.

Oh yeah i totally forgot about that. I never did end up with a cruise liner of my own. If i recall though, the photoshop skills were immaculate on those boats

Is that still around? I did a quick search and didn’t see anything (up to the point where I got bored of looking)

Zoomed in boats? I can do zoomed boats. Together with tbo I learned to photograph the moon. Boats would be easy… (not sure if tbo ever learned to photograph the moon, he said he had a telescope, I on the other hand had a very weak camera to do the moon investigation, and it worked out quite well… better than most facebook post anyway(red moon)) so, nowadays I have a wetsuit and I could possible photograph from a swim? Maybe I have a waterproof camera?

No, i never got a camera hooked up to the telescope. You should post your moon photos here though

Read that as “your moms photos” - had to do a double take

What’s this boat thing?

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Right? The less I know about it, the more I want it

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I forget but think it was just a few stupid posts not much of a story after the fact

Unless you cant find it… then it was so epic

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Certainly it can never be topped. Why do people even post things on the internet anymore after that?

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Thats why people stopped posting here, it actually had nothing to do w flash’s decline

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Flash’s decline? That was from the zoomed boats.

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If you look very far away, beyond the moon and lightyears away (at boats), you look back in time in the opposite direction of The Future Splash. Possibly into the Big Bang. Thats probably why.

Good band name