Life sux

it does. and u know what else? I hate Drama. im sick of it. how hard is it to find a loving girlfriend!?

who needs a loving girlfriend when you can get a PHD:Pimpin Hoes Degree

You want love but you want no drama?? Good F#@$ing luck. :slight_smile:


my life story is an emotional roller coaster ride… it woudl leave you feeling muuuuuuuch better about your life. but im not gonna tell it. just know that other people around the world have it worse.

my g/f doesnt give a sh1t about me but i ‘love’ her so im stuck. its gay. to feel loved back is a dream in all our minds. when you feel that GRAB HER AND HANDCUFF HER TO THE BED. wait… maybe not… heh. my g/f thinks she does so much for me but i disagree so we fight everyday. no fun. look towards the non-prissy, anti-self absorbed women… and dont fill their heads full of bull about how much you love them… take it slow. when women find out how much ur stuck they take advantage. i dont believe in the whole ‘player’ game thing. good way to catch a bug and die. cant even kiss anyone anymore without worrying about it. DATE YOUR FRIENDS. you know them. best IMO. but be careful… dont ruin a good relationship unless you feel for them… or u lose more than you gain. maybe you ahve a close girl/friend that is always goin out with losers who treat her bad and she keep goin back?? change her mind. art is a powerful tool to womens hearts man… and you are gifted. they see more into it than we ever could. they see the time invested and not what it looks like. find the girl who enjoys what you do. ask the flasher chicks here =]

5.) when your 77 from florida :slight_smile:

6.) when ya only post on kirupa, no other ezboards

7.) ya dont like to eat toasted bread

8.) thats all!

lets hear some more!

rofl no toated bread? this guy is hilarious…