My Life Sucks

This is great. I liked this girl and had been hanign out with her a lot the last few weeks and talking to her on the phone and crap. Last night I asked her out. She said I’m cool and all but she doesn’t want that right now and it’s a bad time.
I hate my life. This is how it always is.
I just slept about 12 hours and want to go back to bed. Luckily I don’t work today. How will I handle tomorrow?
Why did I mess this up?

you didn’t mess it up
don’t hate yourself because of another person…
girls are like that sometimes
go to work
live life.

sounds really easy and quick - but trust me it really is that easy.
just do those things - keep them as priorities and the “pain” will soon fade.

Sorry man, but it’s not the end of the world. Chill out for a bit, give it a few weeks or something and ask her again. Don’t pressure her.

Your life doesn’t suck at all, all of us are stupidly lucky to be here, when there’s ppl around the world starving, ppl being executed etc etc etc

I reckon you should relax a bit, she probably just wanted a friend and you might have scared her off a bit. Give it a while and see how things go


I just didn’t understand cause… we get along so freaking well. But I think she is jsut that kind of person, I think everyone gets along with her as well…
But I am just confused as to if she understood this was coming? I mean she must have. Maybe I’m jsut really bad at judging things. But usually when girls don’t like you they have more excuses and say things like, ‘I don’t want to do anything’, not I want to do something every time you ask… eh. I guess I’m young and I’ll figure stuff out? Nope not very likely.

prstudio - thanks for the comments. I guess that’s what I’m gonna have to do

Lukus - ask her again? Is that really a good idea? I’m fairly certain that now isn’t a good time meant she doesn’t like me. Which sucks. Cause she totally should. But even so I totally believed her when she said it’s the timing, I don’t know, she just seemed like she really meant that. But I think it would be like a few years before the time is right, if ever… eh.

heh, I didn’t mean phone her up now and ask :stuck_out_tongue: Just be her friend, and if after a few weeks or something you can seriously see a future, just casually talk bout it. Don’t put pressure on her, act cool. And don’t get all weird around her from now on, cos that will make things worse. Act like you’re not too bothered that she said no …

Just my opinion :slight_smile:

Man u are lucky, the girl i like dont like me, u are very lucky.

Dont worry be happy :pleased:

Stop being a drama queen. :lol:

I’m just messing with you, like everyone said: relax and take your time.


listen to a song called Get Over It, buy OK GO. You’ll understand what to do :stuck_out_tongue:

@blastboy: yah, well I’ve been in your shoes many a time, so this was a new thing for me, and thus why it is so very frustrating.

@grinch: I have heard of that band and have been meaning to check them out, so here is my perfect chance.

@lukus: yah I didn’t mean RIGHT now either haha, that would just be ridiculous. But, your advice may be better than I first imagined.

She called me today, just got off the phone with her about an hour ago. I was glad she called cause I didn’t know if things would be too awkward if I called. Wow awkward is an awkward word. As is that sentence…
So… I said I was sorry that I had done that, and she said it was ok, cause she does like me but she is starting school in like a week and wants to focus on that and now just isn’t a good time. So I was thinking… wait a bit and maybe it can develop. I hope so. She is the coolest girl I have met in a loooooong time, and we go well together. After we talked about that we went into normal conversation and talked for a couple hours. I love talking to her it’s just random and stupid, no substance whatsoever. How life should be.

As for the Drama Queen remark… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Yah I guess I am being a bit over the top, I realized it today, before she called actually. I think I’ll be alright.

At least we seem to be at where we were, and that’s fine cause I freakin love hanging out with her and was really mad that that might be ending.

And if we are still going to keep doing this, after I’ve asked her out and everything, something is going right.

Thanks for letting me vent on this though. I felt like such a loser to post about this on a web dev forum! WOAh long post eh.

You’re right your life does suck, but it could always suck more.

You could have never been friends with her in the first place. You could be blind, deaf, paralized, dead…

Girls always do that crap. After awhile you get use to it and not let it bother you as much. Just remember…she’ll get hers…:wink:

grinch I thought you deleted the song by OK GO when I DLed it. Well its schweet you like it. It is a schweeet song!

like ethan says it could be a lot worse. In the last year I’ve lost my grandad, my long-term g/friend, my job, my car and am about to loose my house (rented not owned). You just got to take the rough with the smooth, after all what would the good times be without the bad? :wink:

I don’t think your life would suck all that much if you were dead. 'Cause you’d be all… like ya know… dead.

I can’t wait till college. I hear girls flock to you. :hugegrin:

there are plenty of fish in the sea.

(something your grandpa would say, but it holds true even today)

Yeah that song is awsome!

But hey, when your feeling down about a girl, listen to the song “The Reason”. It’s really sad, but makes me sing along to it :stuck_out_tongue:

haha an excellent point. And yah life can get much worse, and I have it all great and blah blah blah… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The worst part of all of it was that she is extremely cool. With the greatest sense of humour ever. And she makes me very happy, and I have been depressed, well I’d say my entire life. I can Not stop smiling around her and it’s sorta scary cause I don’t want to jsut grin like an idiot but at the same time, she’s smiling and laughing too, somehow I don’t feel as stupid about it. We’ve even had staring contests a couple times. We both have trouble with it, but I just can not keep a straight face with her, and I can keep a pretty straight face usually, I’m good with that sorta humour a lot…
all that to say, that’s why it was bad. Mostly I was worried we couldn’t even be friends like before any more, but I guess we can. And I’ll just wait a bit and see what happens.

A Perfect Circle - 3 Libras


Did you mean by hoobastank or whatever? Or is this still OK GO?

Them both my friend! The reason is by Hooba, and Get Over it is by OK GO :stuck_out_tongue: