Linking Sounds

Hey Gurus:

I am exporting 5 sounds for actionscript. On the first frame of the movie, I put the following syntax for each sound:

_root.myBeep = new Sound();

Later in the movie, I call the sounds with this syntax:


Works fine when I export the movie.

However, when I load the movie onto level 2 (from another movie), the sound doesn’t work anymore.

Can anyone tell me why? Any suggestions to fix this?


I think that this is the problem.

_root. always refers to the timeline of _level0. So when you load the movie into level 2 the sound is no longer on the _root. timeline.

You can try changing _root. to _level2.myBeep.start(0,1);

That is what I would try first. If I am wrong somebody else will correct me.

Good luck,

almost, tito. _root refers to the base of whatever _level you’re in.

so in _level2, _root will correspond with _level2, but had you loaded that movie into _level34, _root would correspond with _level34.

nevertheless, i agree with your diagnosis, it’s probably a pathing thing. make sure that your talking about the right level!