Linking within my website

I’ve been struggling with linking different parts of my site to each other.

  • I have 1 fla file with several scenes inside (homepage.swf) =1.2Mb. (after the main index page)
  • Within one of these scenes I am also using loadmovie to import separate swf files as this is a photography site and it’s heavy in pictures. This works ok.

My pb is that the main swf file - homepage.swf - takes too long to load and by the time the menu is up with buttons to link to the rest of the site, the browser hasn’t finished loading and therefore it looses the plot and sends me to the next page available (and not the one I want).
I’ve inserted some preloaders which only seem to work on my computer (I’m working on that!) but even with those working, it still takes too long to load this first page…

Is there a way to tell Flash to only load one scene at a time perhaps??
I tried loading each swf separately with loadmovie on layers but there was a gap between swf’s and I want the transitions to be smooth and I don’t know how I can reduce the size any more as the images are now in separate files!
Sorry to be so confusing but you can look at my website if it makes more sense: