Preloading Scenes Individually

Does anyone know how to preload a scene individually? I have 12 scenes in my forthcoming flash internet catalogue and I want the movie to preload each scene as it comes. The reasons for this are…

The target audience (the motor/mechanics trade) are mostly still on dial up connections so I have to account for low bandwidths.
I am using scenes because its the easiest way to order the work. I would gladly use 12 different swf files instead and go via LoadMovie but this comes to an unsatisfactory 289k in total instead of a nice and tidy 80k I have just using scenes.

Anybody if you have a solution that’d be nice.


dont you just put a preloader in the first frame of each scene?

As far as know there is no way you can load scenes individually as and when needed.
You could allow the movie to play ( after the first scene has loaded) and the rest would continue to load in the background, the only problem here is if a user wants to go to a scene that hasn’t finished loading.
I assume that your first scene is some kind of index or contents page, so you could invoke a variable that increments as each scene finishes loading and on your buttons ( presumably one for each scene) you could put something like:
if (myvariable != thisNumber){
//show text message please wait
}else {

or something like that…
personally I would go the swf route,why does your movie size change so dramatically when converting to 12 swf’s ???

Hope that helps


scenes are basically a extention of the main timeline. So if you have a preloader it will preloader the swf as whole. I advice against scenes, only if you were creating flash animation movies is the only time i would be using scenes.

But its your choice on which way you would like to create the site, I’m intrested in how you can keep a swf only 80 kb , while using the same info in the load movie technique gives you 289kb :-\

Well I’m fairly new to flash so I might be going about this all wrong. The 12 separate swf’s come to almost 300k because of the library files on each of them - so you’ve got 12 library’s of graphics when in my 80k 12-scene single file there is only one larger graphics library. Thats my guess. Do I sound right or am I babbling?!


the only thing that should be getting large would be the fla’s. But the swf you create would be small. and its not like you are importing the same objects, the externals would be used for section, and button to navigate in those sections. mostly all of your consistant stuff can be on your main swf. :slight_smile:

Thats what I meant.