Links not working on PC

For some reason the links from my home page are not working on some computers (could be a PC thing). This is the basic layout of the action script used on each section’s button.

I created this site on a Mac G3 with Flash 4.

Could any one tell me what the problem may be?

On (Release)
Get URL ("‘RezWebsites.swf’,‘Websites’,‘height=421,width=650,toolbar=no,location=no,scrollbars=no,status=no,resizable=no,fullscreen=no’); Websites.focus(); ")
Get URL (“javascript:Layout.close(); void(0);”)
Get URL (“javascript:Graphics.close(); void(0);”)
Get URL (“javascript:CD_ROMS.close(); void(0);”)
Get URL (“javascript:Color.close(); void(0);”)
End On

It might be because it’s javascript not java script. But I don’t know if you typed it like that because it wouldn’t work otherwise in the forum (since it converts HTML).:slight_smile:

Yes, it is one word “Javascript” in my code. It pasted wrong.

Did the links work for you?

This is driving me crazy.

Thanks for your help anyway lostinbeta.

Any other ideas? Could it be the upper case letters?

Ok, well your main movie opens in a new window (when I click the enter button). As for the rest. I don’t understand what you are trying to do. You are assigning the links to close windows that aren’t even opened. And then you have it void the link. Well, if the link is void, it can’t do anything. So I am a little confused. If you are trying to make pop-up windows, I recommend adding the code in the head tags section of your HTML page and call the function in flash such as

getURL(yourFunction()) (rough look of course)

I also noticed you load your .SWF file into the window, if you decide to do it on an html page just add

topmargin=“0” and leftmargin=“0” into the BODY tag and you wont have any border around the movie.

I just checked the source on your INDEX page and I noticed you used the chromeless windows script in there, but you don’t use Chromless Windows (found at ). What I suggest for this, just to save you coding is read the .txt file I have as an attachment, I wrote it for another poster, but it should come in handy for you if you are interested in learning the basics of a pop-up window.

Thanks for the info and advice.

I originally was going to use the Chromeless window and decided to go another route. I forgot to delete the code from the HTML.

The reason for the window.close code was if one of the sections are opened it will close automatically when opening another section. It was my attempt to keep people from having to many windows opened at once.

I’m going to try your suggestions.

Thanks again. You rock.

If you want to close all opened pop-ups you can use more advanced javascript methods to check to see if a window is opened, and if it is, it should close it, that is… if you know enough to do that. I have never tried it before…hmmm, I wonder if I know enough to do it.

Hopefully my suggestions help you out, and thanks for the “you rock” comment:)

This is my first Flash site. I’m more of a graphics person and a novice at coding. Most of my coding is done with the easier Action Script in Flash.

So, if you… I mean, when you figure out how to close the windows, please let me know.

As far as my comment “you rock”, I just call them as I see 'em and kindness is the ultimate quality for anyone.

I am a graphics person too. I am just learning actionscript now. Along with graphics I got in a great deal with Javascript and things, I love web-design. It is great figuring out layouts and creating them, and beefing them up with javascript, without being too tacky.

I will try to write that code ASAP. Javascript is usually my expertise, but I have never tried this before, it should prove interesting and fun.

Actually, what I would like to do is have one .swf section (ex: Websites) replace another .swf section (ex: Layout & Design) in the same borderless window.

In other words, I want to be able to view all sections in the same window no matter what order I select them.

Sorry if I confused you… hell, I think I just confused myself.

OHHHH, well in that case you can either use loadMovie or just create a whole bunch of pages with your .SWF pages on them. Then you can just link to them in your main flash movie as

getURL(newpage.html, _main) (or however the code looks)

ta da, it will load the new html page in the same exact window, and if the movies are all the same size you wont have any border.

So basically, don’t load your .swf in the window, load an HTML page which contains your movie into the window.

Cool, I’ll try that sh*t.

Your help is much appreciated.


It works fine on my computer. Could you let me know if the links are working for you now?

What do you think of my site? Be honest.

Thanks again. Rock on.

Your site is pretty good. It lags on my computer though. I don’t have the best of computers, so it might just be me. I have to say that it is better than what I can do as far as Flash Layouts go.

Hey 007,
The site is really nice, and it does kind of lag my computer a bit. Too much tweening :slight_smile: If you want, I can move this thread to site check so more people may offer constructive feedback!

Kirupa :rambo:

Thanks for your feedback.

I think you are both right. I’m going to cut down on some of the tweening.


It’s cool if you want to move my thread to site check.

Thanks a bunch.

Alright, I made some minor changes to all of my pages.

Everything is much tighter now. It should run much smoother.

It runs smoother on my machine now. Keep up the good work.