Pop up javascript windows - help

Hey there again!
I’m pretty much done making my entire website into a flash movie. Everything was done and working correctly on the hard drive, but when I uploaded it to the server, the links stopped working. I know it’s a tough question to ask because it could be a number of things, however, I hope someone could point me in the right direction.

I used the tutorial found here:

The only difference is I’m using my pages as URLs instead of the entire address. For instace, ‘events.htm’ as opposed to the whole website.


make sure the link path is like pic.jpeg rather than in a folder called Website/picture.jpeg …i have done that in dreamweaver plenty of times…

Stupid question: Are you sure you have those files uploaded as well? Also, are the cases the same (as in uppercase and lowercase letters), is the extension the same (is it .htm or .html)?

I checked everything dealing with case sensitivity and making sure the pages are uploaded to the server. Everything is affirmative. This is the thing. I burned everything onto a disk and tested it like the disk was the server. Granted, case sensitiviey would be supersceded from the disk because it’s not UNIX (hahahaha, yeah.). Everything worked perfectly before I put it on the server. I don’t understand what is wrong.

I have changed all of the buttons to “site”,“blank”. It works now, but I wanted a window without a toolbar. If any of you guys know a way to do this a different way. Please let me know.

You can see the site here - It’s for a book that I wrote:

Send me an email - please.
[email protected]

Thanks for all of your help!!

Try this tutorial… it is for Flash MX, your last tutorial was for 5 and that possibly messed it up.