Liquid Layout Troubleshoot

For those liquid layout experts:

Do you know why the site comes out cropped when it’s uploaded? This was applied to another site and it worked fine. I’m not sure if it has to do with the levels of where the layers are on the stage, but I can’t figure this out :expressionless:

The scaling seems to work fine when the browser window is scaled up or down. But I just don’t understand why it shows up cropped to begin with.

Any insights please?

Source FLA -
See the SWF -

It might be a simple code edit. Any thoughts would be much appreciated! :book:

it aligns itself based on the registration point of that movieclip - which is in the top left corner. In your other working file/site - is the movieclip’s (the mc that is scaling/positioning) registration point in the center?

Oh wow, that’s exactly it! That fixed it lol :party:

Oh the simple things…! Thank you.