Load ....i am going insane

I am trying to load an external swf called f into the main time line of a another swf called index wich is my main and i am having this problems:
there are many bottons on my main and when i load that into a target f since the bottons are on diffferent parts of the main they would show up under f but are still active and if somebody hit them they would unload the f.
i tryed loading into a level but i still have the same problem
or i can just load one movie into the other and viceversa but it doesn’t look good.
also on the f i have some bottons that interact with index and so i really think that i need to load that into a level but how could i either mask or deactive the buttons on index?
thank everybody in advance there’s probably an easy solution but as i already said many times flash is just an hobby of main and i am just a total beginner.
eveything is on flash mx and the player is flash 6

MovieClip.prototype.enable = function (action) {
	for (var clips in this) {
		if (typeof this[clips] == "movieclip" || typeof this[clips] == "object") {
			this[clips].enabled = action

to disable buttons and movie clips in some level

_level#.enable (false)

to enable buttons and movie clips in some level

_level#.enable (true)

thanks a lot