Load movie / creating full flash site tut question

after following the “creating full flash site” tutorial here on kirupa.com, i cant seem to figure out how to load a third movie, inside the second loaded movie. more specificly i want the main movie navigation to load a sub navigation movie, and then the sub navigtion to load content movies. i can get the sub navigation to load, OR the content… but i cant get the sub navigation to stay there, and then load the content. i’m a visual person, so i’ve attached a simple gif diagraming what i mean. also, here is the link to the tutorial on this site


that i followed and am trying to modify to fit my own project

i’m looking to either modify the approach in that tutorial, or for a diff aproach all together.


oh… i’m sure this question has been answered here before, but the search function keeps giving me errors and no results this morning…

YUP! that was it! thanks!! now i know a little more about targeting and paths! cool!

Super :thumb: