Load movie issue

Look at this:
When you open it loads a random thinger.

But in this movie:
http://www.morsedesigns.com/profile/profile.html (mouse over on the left, click quotes)
It loads the same “quotes.swf” but doesn’t work.

help, why doesn’t it work???

bump please help maybe perhaps ( ? )

Hard to tell if you don’t tell how it works :slight_smile:

Nice tsunami by the way. Did you code it?

im a noob, but are u using _root. or _parent? try using _parent. in the quotes swf.

pom: hehehe nope, I stole it. Everything else I coded, and thats why it all sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

quote = new Array("many thing", "in here", "etc");
_root.textmc.text = quote.length;
rndm = random(quote.length);
movie = rndm;
_root.qt.text = quote[movie];

try that

quote = new Array(“many thing”, “in here”, “etc”);
_parent.textmc.text = quote.length;
rndm = random(quote.length);
movie = rndm;
_parent.qt.text = quote[movie];

if u are loading the quote.swf into another movie, then it is going to look for those files in _root, which is the main movie. _parent will look for them in the movie loaded

but this code is in the root timeline of the movie i load. you really think that would change anything?

oh the load code

on (release) {
	loadMovie("http://www.morsedesigns.com/profile/quotes.swf", _root.loadmc);

yea, lets do this…

MainMovie.swf and Quotes.swf

inside MainMovie you have a MC named loadInto. when you click a button in MainMovie, it loads Quotes.swf into loadInto. if in Quotes.swf you have code that says _root., it will look in MainMovie, since now MainMovie is the _root. Changing code that is only relevant to Quotes.swf to _parent. will look for those files within Quotes.swf, and not MainMovie.swf.

I kno this is horribly worded, but im just gettin into the swing of things

and before, I had a loader in the quotes.swf. But it never played, I don’t know why. So I trashed the loader. Any idea why? It worked when I previewed.

oh I think I get what you mean, disney. thanks.

no problem, i just hope that works
crossing fingers

:stuck_out_tongue: thanks for you honnesty :stuck_out_tongue:

quote = new Array("many thing", "in here", "etc");
this.textmc.text = quote.length;
var rndm = random(quote.length);
this.qt.text = quote[rndm];

That is, if your texts are on the _root of the loaded movie.

ily, hey, im new, im learnin… but could you reply to MY thread?

hah, thank pom. Us n00bs do the stupidest things.

morse, how DARE you call yourself a noob, hah. if your a noob, then what am i? i dont even wanna think about it.