Load Pictures (JPG/ JPEG) Dynamically in Flash 5

Hi,\r\r\rThank you very much for the previous helps. \rI have one more question now :slight_smile: \r\r\rIs it possible to load pictures of any format dynamically in Flash 5. If yes, How ?\r\r\rPlease help\r\r\rRegards\rSuhrid

You’ll have to use Ming. I don’t really know how it works though…\r\rpom 0]

No.\rOnly if you convert them to swf individually before.\rCheck this: www.swift-tools.com/

In flash MX - yes, you can dynamically load images at run time.\r\rloadMovie(“image.jpg”, target);\r\rThis is extremely powerful combined with loops to generate galleries such as the small one above.