Hey all,

This is my first post here. After reading trying to do a search on other members haveing the same problem, i´ve got a question+I am a real newbie.

I have followed the tutorial here about loading into target.

I made a button, made a new scene added the action contained in the tutorial made the movie that would be loaded, but when I click on my button nothing happens.I have named my button: BUT.

Here I am uploadng my example:

the bigger button is the button that works its the one that came with the tutorial.
The smaller full text button is the one i made and that is not working.It dosn´t load the LOADED.SWF movie:-\

Please somebody would be kind enough to reply I would apreciate it a million

regards: Daisy Dee:link:

you can’t have two objects with the same instance name. remove/rename one of them. :wink:

and welcome to kirupa forum, daisy!! =)

Stupid me lol.
Thank you kax for pointing it out.
I will be back for more questions lol:)

no problem. :beam:


Could somebody please look at my file. I am having problems with the buttons and loading again.
When you click the about button nothing happens it should load the about.swf

regards: Daisy

you forgot to give to the movieclip the instance name contents. :wink:

Ahaa…(-: Well…I am a newbie lol. Thank you once again Kax!

you’re welcome, daisy. :stuck_out_tongue: