Loader extension component problem

Hi, I downloaded the loader extension component, which works great when placed at root.

But when I use another movieClip to load this movieClip with the loader at its root, the loader doesn’t work, and the screen freezes at frame 1 (of the loader clip). The only way to get this to work is if it is loaded onto the _root of the containe clip, which is not the intention here.

I changed the “_root.” actionscripts in the component to read “_parent._parent.”, which still works if placed at the root, but still doesn’t work if loaded onto another clip.

Anyone got any clue what’s up?

Ok, so let me see if I got this right…

You want to put a preloader inside of a movie clip to load the contents inside that movie clip. But you DON’T want to call the preloader to load the container clip, just what is inside of it???

Yes, you are correct.

The idea is to have a containe movieClip that has buttons that will load subsequent pages which are external swfs. I could make the pages internal movieclips as well, but I suppose the same problem will happen.

Any clues?

PS. I posted this like 8 hours back, but didn’t turn up on the message post for some strange reason.


I don’t think you can preload a seperate movie clip. You can preload seperate external SWF files and use loadMovie() to put them into your movie. You can do the same with your button navigation.

I could be wrong on this, but as far as my knowledge goes I don’t know of a way to preload a movie clip.

PS: Sorry about the delay, sometimes we are too busy to get to all sections and threads and forget about them/hope someone else covered them when we come back.

Thanks, so the problem still remains that the Loader component extension in the tutorial section doesn’t work on a preloaded external swf file, despite my changing “_root.” to “_parent” in the component class actionScripts (two locations, namely _root.stop() and _root.gotoAndPlay(_currentFrame+1).

Any clues?

You could always try making your own preloader.


Those are 3 preloader tutorials that kirupa has on his site. They all come in handy. Besides, we get a lot of questions on this forum about problems with the preloader component, so I don’t recommend using it.

It is good to know how it is done anyway.

OK, went to the tutorial, downloaded the zip, created the same thing… changed _root.xxxx to _parent.xxx, which worked very well when the Loader was at root.

However, when I tried to load this swf (with the loader on frame 1) onto another movieClip via loadMovie(), it doesn’t work again, just like the component problem.

I’m beginning to think that the movieClip.getBytesLoaded and movieClip.getBytesTotal script doesn’t work on anything other than at root, since the navigation seems to work fine (i.e. the _parent.xxx etc).

I usually use the old fashioned basic one (which is the first link I sent you). If you are loading a seperate .swf you need to put the preloader on the _root of each of the loaded .swf files.

Yup, I put the loader on the root of each of the child swf files, as per instructions, and they run fine on their own if child swf files are loaded into player by themselves (i.e. as the main swf).

But once I do a loadMovie() to load the child swf files to a container, it doesn’t work.