Urgent help needed in laoding external movie

I am struck in a problem. I have a flash movie. I am loading a external swf in a movie clip. I want the external movie clip to have preloader which starts functioning as soon asthe movie is called in the movie clip. Now the problem i am facing is the external movie is called in the movie clip but preloader doesnt works i.e. movie is downlaoding and playin frame by frame instead of a streamlined animation .

Please help

Puneet Batra

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Is the preloader in the main movie or in the loaded movie?

pom :asian:

there are two prelaoders…one for the main movie and another one for the loaded movie

Try to play online your loaded movie by itself, without the loading. DOes the preload work?

yes it works…check the url www.brigadecreatives.com/movie3.swf

and check the whole movie on www.brigadecreatives.com/test.htm…click on the prodcuts section…this is the section which is an external swf…



Edit: Ilyaslamasse. I corrected your URLs.

Does the word _root appear in your loaded movie’s preloader?

pom :asian:

yeah _root is there…


That’s the problem. When you load the movie, its _root changes. Try and replace it with _parent or this when you can.

If it still doesn’t work, post the code.

pom :asian:

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