Loading everything instead of just one thing {MX}

Ok, i asked around in the mx forum, but thougt that the AS forum might be better cus there might be more AS nerds here :wink:

Heres the problem:

I have:
1 Main movie
2 movie loaded into 1

The problem is that im using a preloader component in 2 witch instead of loading just itself(2) also loads 1. But one is already loaded!

2 is made like this:
In frame one, i have plased the preloader component, and in frame 2 i have the picture witch is beeing loaded.

Could someone please help me?

Heres the component code:

onClipEvent (load) {
this.topScale = this._width;
this._xscale = 0;
ft = int(_root.getBytesTotal()/1024);
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
fl = int(_root.getBytesLoaded()/1024);
this._xscale = (fl/ft)*this.topScale;
_parent.mytext.text= “LOADING “+fl+” KB OF “+ft+” KB”;
//_parent.llt = “LOADING “+fl+” KB OF “+ft+” KB”;
if (fl == ft) {