Loading html text in flash using XML


I know this is a much talked about issue, but I still don’t find a workable solution. What I want to do is show some text with html markup in flash, using a xml file as source. I know I have to encapsulate the (html) text in the CDATA, but when I take a look at my flash, I see the html tags are shown as well. So instead of showing ‘this is a bold text’ I get 'this is a <b>bold</b> text.

I use the following xml:

<pic type="category">
            <![CDATA[This is a <b>bold</b> text.]]>
        <download filename="Filename.jpg" filetype="jpg" filesize="0kb">download.jpg</download>

In flash, I use the following code:

PORTFOLIO_descr* = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[3].firstChild;
_root.MCI_wrapper.TXT_descr.html = true;
_root.MCI_wrapper.TXT_descr.wordWrap = true;
_root.MCI_wrapper.TXT_descr.multiline = true;
_root.MCI_wrapper.TXT_descr.htmlText = PORTFOLIO_descr*;

When I trace the content of ‘PORTFOLIO_descr*’, I can see al the special characters are replaced with their corresponding code (< becomes < etc.), should I try and replace them stringwise?

Thank in advance!