Loading QT problem

im creating an intro for a site. i developed the movie in AE, its only 24secs and when i render out its only maybe 3mb and the size is 350 x 263 which is small for the movie im using

now im having a huge HUGE problem that i cant seem to figure out. when i import in Flash MX 2004 and set the bandwidth high, effects(vector & pngs - which are VERY low), jpg quality, low, the quicktime is so pixelated, all i see are huge HUGE squares. so i tried every combo and still the same thing. and the swf is about 12mb and then i tried importing in Flash MX, added the effects and now i get 12-13mb.

i tried importing in both Flash MX & 2004 with sep video and sept audio. audio is only maybe 192kb in mp3 format and i even compressed that even more but i still get 12mb+ . i took the AE file and brought it in Quicktime pro to compress, used soresen3, med/low quality and i even tried using the original rendering from AE with low settings

im so lost and confused b/c i tried every combo and i still get a HUGE HUGE swf :frowning:

any idea on wut im doing wrong?