Loading variables from php


I have developed a flv player which will take the video file name from a php

my code for
in frame 3
getvUrl = “http://www.example.com/getVideoDetails.php”;
loadVariablesNum(getvUrl, 0, “POST”);

in frame 4
if (_root.videoName != “”) {
_root.path = _root.videoName;
} else {

_root.path is the path from the php

php will return the exact file position.
The swf is embed in “http://www.example.com/player.html
But problem is if i type the url “http://example.com/player.html
like this it will load the swf. I read the documentation and find that it’s problem of cros domain policy so i included this code in my first frame .


But the php does not loading…
pls help me in this …
i am confused with this…