loadMovie Lag... Help needed!

Recently I’ve tried making a simple application to showcase the different signatures I’ve made for a different video gamers’ forum. It is simply one swf with four buttons that loads four separate signatures I’ve made. One of the sigs is a JPEG - but the rest are swf’s as well.

For some reason, when the viewer shows the swf signatures they are very slow. The signatures do have a lot of motion tweens, but one in particular is less than the others and it still lags.

Any advice, help, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please see the simple action script below… I wanted to include a zipped file with my swf signatures and the .fla but it is too large to upload.

one_btn.onRelease = function () {
two_btn.onRelease = function () {
three_btn.onRelease = function () {
four_btn.onRelease = function () {

Thanks in advance,