loadMovie question

Hi :slight_smile:

I have a scroll pane on the main timeline. It’s attached to a movieclip which has as it’s contents some buttons.

Each button is supposed to make a different .jpg load.
I have it loading into an empty movie clip with instance name “empty” which is on the main timeline.

Right now, it seems to work, but I think what’s happening is that the scrollpane is disappearing altogether after loading the .jpg. I don’t want it to do that. I want it to stay right put and allow the user to scroll to and select a different button if wanted.

I want the .jpg to be off to the side so both the picture and the scrollpane show. As a different button in the scrollpane is selected, I wanted it to replace the current .jpg with the new one in the place where the emptymovie clip is.

As it stands, I’ve got the empty movieclip way way far away from the scrollpane in the authoring fla, but when testing, it seems to be in the middle and either covering the scrollpane or replacing it…i’m not sure which it’s doing.

Here is the code on the first button in the movieclip which is in the scrollpane

on (release) {

is this something to do with levels? (which i don’t understand, or anyway know how to use)

thanks in advance as always

can you provide an FLA to examine?