Local connection help?


I created a newsreader movie that is populated by a textfile. I also created an admin movie to modify the textfile with a bit of PHP. The theory is to update the textfile for the newsreader movie from the admin, making editing the original newsreader.fla unnecessary.However, I would like to update the information without a browser refresh. I thought I might run into some browser cacheing issues when trying to update the data real time, so my idea was to use the localConnection method to update the newsreader with the content that is being saved to the textfile. I thought this would be a workaround for the browser cacheing the old textfile contents. This works fine locally, but when tested from a browser, the localConnection idea doesn’t seem to work. In other admin demo’s, after the user saves the info, I just provide a link to the textfile to update the browser cache. When refreshing the browser, the content is updated. I would like to find a way to do this in a real time situation. Here is a link to a small tutorial I tried to write using this method. The source files are available on the second page. Why does this work so well locally but not in a web browser?


Any suggestions appreciated.