Loft and HDRI in 3DSM

I created a curve or 2 in the top view, how would I loft these 2 curves together?

Any tutorials/tips on HRDI images in 3DSM? I’d really like to learn about creating photorealistic textures and images…

I need to get started on it. I also need to learn how to create photo-realistic textures.

How do you mean loft them together? the loft modifier will create geometry from splines, but it won’t weld 2 surfaces together… thats the job of the edit mesh modifier.

Photo realism is all in the detail. Use specular, bump, reflection (and refraction for transparent objects)… and so on and so forth. The more detail you put into the material and the model the more realistic it will look. Don’t expect any quick answers for that one.

oh… and of course Global illumination, caustics, depth of field, HDRI … also essential effects for photo realism

You can download HDRI plugin here:

there’s lofting used in the beetle tutorial

By loft I mean when you have a path and a circle and you want the circle to become the path and sort of extrude within the path, this way the circle becomes a long twisted cylinder. Um…hard to explain…but thanks anyways.