Logo critique please. :)

i made this in about 10 mins. c&c needed:goatee: http://kirupaforum.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=4542&stc=1

off top I dont think it is crisp enough. The edges are tofuzzy so it kinda blows the image. I cannot critique the logo itself since I do not know what it is for. Give a little background so I can understand the significance.

it was just a random thing. not really for a specific company or anythin. the edges are clear in PS so i dunno.

A tad blurry. Also I really hate the colours but that’s just me. Couldn’t you be more original? I mean, swooshes are everywhere these days and I’m not a big fan of them at all. They look too corporate. What is this logo for? You should try to have it representing whatever it is for.

Actually on second thought, while I’m being nasty, it is way too blurry.

again, when i saved it for web in ps, it made it blurry.

edit: there was a blur setting that i missed in the “Save For Web” window:eye:

What did you save it as? GIF, JPG, PNG? If JPG what quality?

jpg…like 70%

why those colors? might look better with dark colors.

Nothing new, it’s been done B4. Reminds me of designcontest.net amongst others.

I think you dropped the export settings too low. But anyway. I think it is hard because the logo is not associated with anything. So there is no significance. Just as a random shape I guess I can say it is cool, but nothing special. When I design just random shapes and logos I try to give it a purpose. If you give it a purpose that could go on to be the best logo ever (theoretically). But you get what I am saying hopefully.

yeah…i know what you mean. i just made this out of boredom…a possible purpose for it- x-games…or maybe a mountain bike company.