London Angel Gets A Website


I’m getting my act together and making a website. It’s taken me around 3 years to get this far, so don’t expect any miracles. So far this afternoon, I have come up with this. It’s just a homepage and the submenus won’t work yet, I hasten to add.


I like it!:slight_smile: One question though? Is your content going to go under the blue square grid or on top of it? If it goes under it, I think you should shorten the height of the grid. Also, maybe add some easing on the sub links when they slide in.

Just opinions…like ya said. Everything else I thought was pretty good.

Cool, Kit. Maybe I should get off my tail and build my own as well. So much to do… such little time.

very cool… I like the colors youve picked, and the style - gives me a modern retro feel, if there is such a thing :wink:
great start! cant wait to see it done!


i’ll gladly help you if you need any. and i’ll be sure to link you on my own website once(when, if) i launch.

Ditto Kit. You need anything programed in a/s, and you’re having trouble, let me know. I’ll help in anyway I can.

Thanks guys, that’s so sweet of you. :slight_smile:

I appreciate the feedback. You’ve all inspired me to (finally) get my arse in gear and make my own site.