Check out my site, i would like some feedback…ypage.html

its very basic, and its just a perliminary page, until i can get some time to put something better together… Currently working on chromeless script for that.

I love the menu, well done!
The black words on dark blue with the loading msg are a bit hard to read.
Make a basic movie with just the menu bar, add another clip above with the different backgrounds, and load the content into a clip above that, so at least the menu will remain there all the time, know what i mean?
Keep working on it, make it BIGGER, it’s gona be good.

I echo the words of eyezberg, but then add a few.

  1. The date thing at the top right seems to be cut off, make sure the text box is big enough for the longest combination.

  2. The scrolling text box under “me” that talks about you, well I would add a white box behind it that is very transparent; this will help the text to read better.

  3. Love the quarter menu!

keep it up!

thanks for the replys. that was actually just a test site so I could work on some of the basic things that i have learned. I’m working on another site right now that is bigger and a lot more involved, and my classes are dragging me down, and as much as I hate to say it, my classes have to come first.

I will probably update the current site, and keep both sites active. I’ll let you all know once i upload the new one. Thanks again for the advice.

Work first, then fun…ahh, life sucks…but you’re right, better to learn what you have to and try to find some time after for what you like…let us know when s’thing new is up…