Long Awaited Preloader

Alright, I have been through the forum long enough, and after a short break off the computer, I have decided to post my preloader. Many have asked for “the three frame preloader”, so here it is. What is in the file is the open flash file, nothing fancy. Go ahead and change the style, layout, even delete some stuff if it is not to your taste. All that is there are the essentials. It shows:

  1. Percent
  2. KB left to load
  3. KB total to load
  4. Time since the start of the file
  5. Download Rate
  6. TIme remaining
  7. Loading bar

As far as the download rate and time remaining goes, it works. I have done tons of testing with the time remaining and the rate, and this is what I have come up with. The time remaining is in minutes, so if it gets below a minute, it will read in decimals. Once it gets below approx. 45 seconds, it will say “less than 45 seconds.”
The rate of transfer is only accurate at the end of the download, since the tcp/ip protocal of the internet will mean changes in the speed. Also, because of this, the time remaining will rapidly flux, untill about 30 seconds into it.
If you guys happen to figure a better way to figure out the rate and time remaining in a better way, tell me.

Now for customization. Many of you out there want an animated preloader. Well, with this preloader, just make movie clip symbols and put them on the main stage (NEVER CHANGE THE MAIN STAGES FRAMES, or you will void its warranty!) Secondly, your main movie must be the next scene after it. If you plan on naming the main movie to something other than “movie”, you must go to the actions on frame 3 of the Actions layer and switch the “movie” coding.

Last but not least, since the preloader depends on the system/flash-player’s timer, replaying the movie will screw up the time, time remaining, and the rate. (so dont have a replay button! ). NOTE: testing must be done in streaming mode, or it wont test right.

Be sure you have a large enough file so you can see all the action! (for example: put a large sound file in the main movie scene so you can see if it works!)

I hope I have not scared you guys, or made myself look like a fool! Please write back and tell me what you think of it.

(Please dont take credit for it, without permission!)


The beginner from the middle of nowhere!

Nice. It looks a lot like my “ultimate” preloader. I like the minute to decimal rollover though. That’s a good feature that I hadn’t thought of. If I steal any code for mine, I’ll be sure to comment your name in there. :slight_smile:

I’m still trying to post mine… I keep forgetting to get it packaged up…

how did you get the loader button to increase in size? i was curious and i couldn’t find any code to do that…