Time preloader

i want to make a time preloader ( i mean the time to make the full dowload ).

i know how to create a bar preloader but i donno know how to do time preloader.

thanx C:-)

you mean a percentage preloader?

If you mean that you want to display the amount of time left till the end of the download, the first thing you’ll have to do is calculate the bandwidth of the user. Then it’s a piece of cake :slight_smile:

pom :cool:

u make is sound sooo easy pom!! lol :smirk:

yes that what i want to do Pom…:trout: but HOW :hangover:

basic layout for preloader stuff:

percentLoaded = (getBytesLoaded()/getBytesTotal())*100;

kilobytesLoaded = getBytesLoaded()/1024;
kilobytesRemaining = (getBytesTotal()-getBytesLoaded())*1024;

// startTime = getTimer(); <-when you start the loading process
timeTaken = (getTimer() - startTime)/1000;
estimatedTimeRemaining =  getBytesTotal()*(timeTaken/getBytesLoaded()) - timeTaken;

if (percentLoaded == 100) movieIsLoaded == true

thanx man…:flower:
i’ll check it and tell you :love:

there is a tutorial on that kind of preloader on ultra shock!!

:: http://www.ultrashock.com/

thats the file =)

thanx Dave i’ll check it now… :stuck_out_tongue:
but senocular’s code i donno think that what i need.
in [color=red]this[/color] link what i need.


Thats cool :bounce:

Hope it helps you!!