Looking...4 a perfect host

no idea where to post this so sorry its most likely in the wonrg place but i’m looking for a host where i can have a custom url, at least one e-mail, no ads, and enough space to handle a complete flash website. the cheaper the better. thanks

unflux is good, or media temple, or 1and1

been recommended to this by a freind seems really good

and if you go with unflux you might get a discout since he’s a member here

Well I don’t know about any discounts, but I also recommend Unflux. Nice, cheap prices… you just gotta check it out. UNFLUX.net

on average what disc space and bandwidth would need for a complete flash site…?

I’d go with unflux. You will be able to have as big a site you want with pretty much space as you want for a very very cheap price. Go check out unflux.net
Unflux is a member here, but he’s on vacation for a week or so I believe, but I know his partner is still around so if you need to contact someone you might try posting on his forum.
I would definitely recommend unflux though.

I recommend www.siteflip.com they are very reliable, and very cheap. Great customer service as well.

I haven’t had any problems using www.catalyst2.com - and they are pretty cheap.

I have just moved one of my sites to Unflux so, I have faith in his hosting. In the past I have used 1 and 1 and brinkster. Both are well established and have low prices.

1and1 <— link
*I host several sites here and have a couple of dedicated servers for a cople of clients

brinkster <— link
Several sites and applications hosted here

unflux <— link
My main website is hosted here.

yeah, as me and ddd said, 1and1 I believe has the cheapest domains I’ve found (and I’ve done much research). They have amazing and have 20,000+ servers at four locations with their own internet back-bone thing at each one… wow! but unflux is still awesome, it’s a tough choice

i just started w/siteflip the other day. seems great so far. cheap as dirt.

I would really go with Unflux.net . Bryan (Unflux) is a well known member here and here just open the service 12 days ago. Coming from those that already have hosting with him, its a very realiable service as well as the prices being very reasonable. If its not your price range, well see www.Xerohosting.com which provides 500mb space, unlimited emails for $2.50 a month.

I have 2 web sites hosted with Unflux. I love the service, customer support, and everything about it so I am switching over another few account at the end of the week when my other hosting provider ends.

I would never host with anyone other than UNLUX!


Now lets see if I can actually finish mine and Ahmed’s sites.

hi guys im also looking for a host and been looking on Unflux’s site seems very nice but do u get a domain name with that or not??

http://www.surpasshosting.com RenGirl and I are hosted by them - cheap and TONS of space and bandwidth.

I would get your domain name from http://www.hostway.com to save you a few bucks.

200meg storage
6 gig b/w
unlimited pop3
10 mysql data bases
heaps more
The best available I rekon