Looking for help reviewing a sound object tutorial

I’ve been doing some writing on sound objects. The tutorial is not in its finished state, but the information is completely presented and the embedded examples are there.

If you’re knowledgable on this topic and would be willing to review the information, please let me know. I don’t want to just post the link to it, as I have limited bandwidth on my web host. Thanks, in advance, for your help.


Perhaps seeing the contents might help:

The contents are as follows:

How to define a sound object
How to organize sound objects
How to start, stop and loop a sound object
How to control independent sound objects simultaneously
How to control all sounds globally
How to control volume for a sound object
How to build a horizontal volume slider
How to build a vertical volume slider
How to fade a sound object up or down
How to control the volume with the arrow keys
How to control the position of a sound object
How to fade a sound object five seconds from the end of the song
How to pause a sound object
How to pause a looping sound object
How to fast forward and reverse a sound object
How to invoke actions when a sound object ends
How to synchronize animation to a specific time within a sound object
How to load an external MP3 dynamically as a sound object
How to load an external MP3 from a text input box
How to troubleshoot sound objects
Sound will not start
Stopping one sound stops multiple sounds
Sound object error messages


Shoot: [email protected]

pom :asian:

Wow. Really great. I don’t think there’s anything else to say. Bravo!

pom :asian:

Wow, coming from someone with your expertise - I’ll take that as a high compliment. Thanks very much.

I hope to add a couple of more things - maybe preloading sound objects and timeline specific issues.


I was making a ‘Sound Objects’ tutorial which is based on the same content but I still haven’t got to making te sound preload yet but I am hoping to get it today but if you find a way could you please contact me kennyb? You can take over this tutorial because it looks like it will be pretty cool and informing by seeing pom’s response but if you don’t mind could I take a look:

[email protected]

And I think we need to make a sticky topic in the tutorial forum where people state what tutorials they are planning to do within a weeks notice so that we don’t have 2 versions but I kind of like the idea of you doing sound objects, it may give me time to hit up a nice tutorial on video or finish my Shared Objects v.2 tutorial! But again I would love to see what you have for your Sound Object tutorial so if you could e-mail me then that would be great!

Good idea. Are mods allowed to put sticky posts? Gonna try that…

pom :asian:

Dan, there’s probably room for more than one tutorial on this. It seems customary to post a tutorial on only one forum at a time. I do most of my forum posting at Flashkit, so I may see if they are interested first. Where were you going to submit the tutorial?

I was withholding the url from this post because I thought it might cause a bandwidth problem with my limited bandwidth host. However, it doesn’t look like this thread is getting enough views to cause any concern. Here’s the temporary URL:


Note that I have not yet broken it into pages - it’s just one long page. I’ll break it up at the last edit.


Now that is the best Sound Objects tutorial I have ever seen for MX on the web…I love how you made it pausable, rewind, fast-forward, and for getting sinc with animations with your timer! I love it and hope to see tutorials like this from you again!

P.S. If you find out how to preload an externally loaded .mp3 reply back or private message me because I have been trying to figure it out but I am completely stuck! I could do it for an externally loaded event sound but for streaming I have no ideas unless I knew the buffer time!


Dan, I haven’t even started working on the preloader yet. I’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks for the comments.

Hi Kennyb,

I just thought about it when I was reading this posts:
(perhaps something for a tutorial :wink:
Is it possible to load 2 sounds and let them play at the same time, one on the left speaker and one on the right?
(it serves a scientific purpose really)… Just curious, i’m still a beginner …


Sure, you could do that with both the setTransform and the setPan method.


If you’re still interested, I’ve updated the page to include a preloader for sound objects.



Thats an awsome addition to your tutorial, I am sure it will be a big hit wherever you post it at (flashkit, kirupa, were-here)! Does this preloader work when I stream the sound if I can find out how the buffering rate is for streaming?

Yes, it works for streaming sounds with small changes in the way the sound is started. Currently, I have it configured to start the sound when the file reaches 100%. A streaming sound will start when it’s loaded and then again when the file is completely loaded (due to the way it’s coded), resulting in two copies playing at the same time.

I’ll mess with it a little and find out the buffering rate for streaming audio like I said before and post back with the soudLouded/soundTotal ratio needed before the sound starts to play!

Okay I have a limited knowledge of Flash and want to learn about sound. I am going to follow your tutorial and see what we get.

Hopefully it will give you an “idiot” perspective on how the material translates to a less informed audience … LOL

Will post update soon,
Vixie … who thinks I may be chewing off more then I can handle, but here we go :wink:

Thanks, Vixie. I think you’ll do just fine. Just read it from start to finish. It builds on topics learned in the previous section. I look forward to hearing what you think.

I am looking for a sound that is a professional sorta contempory lead in for my site (probably to play during the preloader - and possibly during a slide show).

Can you give me a resource site that I can find such a file to get started with?


The two best place I’ve found for free sounds are: