Looking for help with this problem

I have this openning sequence of a 3-d cube, which was created using swif 3-d, then imported into flash.

Once this file is in flash in rotates in different directions then scale down to about 280px X 280px into the upper right hand corner of my movie. Once this happens, I have a script on the last keyframe of the opening cube, that tells the _root to gotoAndplay(2), which is where I have my second animation.

This second animation of a differnt cube, rotates only left, displaying different content on each side of the cube. you may view it here.

The problem that i’m having is getting the cube(s) to fully load, before the main cube is completed in its loading processe. if you take a look at the link, you will notice that the loader sits their forever, then it loads, then then it goes blank after the main cube as completed its animation…because the second cube animation needs to be loaded. By the way! this is all in one flash file.

Is there anyway that I can get the main cube to load faster, while telling the second cube to load, while the main cube is loading?

I hope that I have explain this ok.

Thank you all.