Looping Buttons

I wanted to make my buttons move across my site in a looping fashion…(thanks to this forum I now know how to import a looping movie)…so i made them into a movie. The animation works great so do the rollovers…in the movie itself. But when I import that movie into the main stage of the site…the rollovers as well as go to actions are lost. My goal was to be able to have a continuous scrolling set of nav buttons. BTW.I was also unable to figure out how to get the moving buttons to stop on roll over…

Thank you for any help!

Sounds like a common problem. If you load the movie into a movie clip make sure you target the movie clip.

So if you load a movie called test.swf in an mc called holder, your actions should be:


This would make test.swf go an stop at frame.

I’m not sure what you mean as to whether you’re loading into a movie clip, a level or none - ie. just dragging onto the main timeline.

Either way just target the clip properly

_level1.action <-- movie loaded into level 1
_level0.actions <-- movie loaded into level 0 (main movie).

If that doens’t help, please be more specific about the problem.

Also try running a search of the posts. You might just find something.

its hard to know how you’ve done it without seeing the source but i would imagine you just did an animation of your buttons going in a circle so on the button actions in addition to the getURL command you can add a on(rollOver) stop(); command that will stop the animation and then set a on(rollOut, releaseOutside) play(); command.

hope this helps

if you still have more questions you should post your source or an example of what you’re trying to do :slight_smile:

have a nice day!