Looping layer

I want to get one layer to loop on my site. In Flash 4, I want to get frames 15-30 of a layer (text fading in and out) to repeat endlessly. I am new so I was wondering if you could tell me which drop down menu, which fields and which actions etc. Thanks.

There is no way to loop just one layer. The entire movie will loop along with the layer if you add any goto actions for those frames. The best method would be to copy all the frames from that layer and paste it in a new movie clip. Then drag the movie clip onto your main timeline.

I am sooo close! thank you so much for your help and quick reply…I figured out how to make the other movie and import it…BUT…if I want this new movie to loop…well I just can’t get it to do it! i go under modify frame…go to…and then…???

again…thank you!!!

Never mind. I did it! Thanks again for you help!