Looping through Shared Object data prop

I’m trying to loop through each of the arrays stored in a Shared Object and place the individual array items inside rows of textfields. This isn’t quite working - it fills all the text fields with the last data array only:

var elemSharedObject:SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal("elementChoices", "/");
//Load data into fields
for (var prop in elemSharedObject.data) {
    for (i=1; i<prop.length; i++) {
        table_mc["p"+i+"_lb"].text = elemSharedObject.data[prop][0];
        table_mc["i"+i+"_lb"].text = elemSharedObject.data[prop][1];
        table_mc["el"+i+"_lb"].text = elemSharedObject.data[prop][2];
        table_mc["en"+i+"_lb"].text = elemSharedObject.data[prop][3];

I need a way to increment “elemSharedObject.data[prop]” after it’s filled each successive row of textfields. Any help would be appreciated.